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In 2006 my Dad gave me a copy of the register of my Grandpa's birth. It showed me that my Great Grandmother was a Lafferty, which I already knew, and that my Great Grandfather was Edward, which I didn't. I remember my Auntie Mary telling me that the Lafferty's came from Co. Sligo but I had always assumed that the McMenamin's came from Co. Donegal. I asked my Dad how he got this copy and he pointed me towards a government website. I was already hooked.

My aim is not to produce a McMenamin genealogy site, since a good one already exists, but to record what I have found so far. For instance, my family have Tyrone roots, not Donegal, I have been shouting at the telly for the green and gold instead of the white and red.

I want this to be a place where my family, even Cambridge's, can send me information, news and events related to our family. My Granny Mac was from Edgeworthstown in Co. Longford. I have never been, though I will go one day. My Uncle Harry has been, has anyone else, are you planning to go? Let me know and I will (try to) publish it to let everyone else know.

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