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Since creating this website, rather just Ireland and Govan/Glasgow/Paisley, we have discovered (and met) family from Canada, United States and Australia.

Let's all keep in touch.

25/02/2021: Lockdown: A Chance to Re-Visit Our Website

Alot has happened over the last few years. In 2015 my Dad passed, since then we have lost his wee sister Arline, big sister Mary and last year his big brother Harry, and recently we have lost Harry's son, the youngest of my generation, wee Kevin.

Not everything is negative, we have more cousins in San Francisco!!! My Grampa's Dad, Edward, had another half-sister we didn't know about. More details to follow.

I hit 55 recently, with wee Kevin's passing, I need to make an effort to get all the details i have documented on the site. We won't be here forever!!!

28/09/2013: Alexandria McMenamin: Our Cousin

I saw a "like" on a McMenamin photograph on Facebook last week and it reminded me of a great e-mail I received in 2008. Reading it through again I thought it worth publishing. Thanks Alex.


Hello There

My half sister Michelle called me this evening to tell me about your finding for the history of the McMenamins. It's been really lovely to be able to piece together some of the info you have on there and quite ironical as I've been trying to work out how to do a family tree for my daughter's baby book and not known really where to start! So it only seems right that I fill in a few blanks for you:

My late father is under your 4th generation. Alexander McMenamin. I'm his daughter from his second marriage to my mother, Rita. I explained to Michelle earlier this evening that dad died 14th Oct 1986, ( dad unfortunately didn't have any contact with Michelle after separating from her mom after a brief 6wk marriage - Michelle traced me around 10yrs ago via my Auntie May). when I was 11yrs old, whilst he was working in Saudi Arabia as an Electronics engineer manager age 37yrs. He was very into techy stuff and often brought the new must have thing, like a electronic diary I remember him buying with password protection or the new games consoles that 1st came out. he didn't like to be beaten in anyway, often fixing friends cars/electrical goods no matter how long it took much to my mom's dismay! He was an avid football player ( Celtic supporter) and darts player and a terrible singer who thought he could sing! He was cremated in Glasgow close to May.

My grandfather Eddie died when I was a few months old, around July 1975, I know mom & dad attended his funeral. I know grandmother Jeanie died when my father was around 3yrs old as Auntie May assumed the role of mother to him, as I think he was the youngest child. May married (married name Hastie) not sure of who, as I know he wasn't around when I was small and had two girls Anne Marie & Jean, who would be in their late 30's to early 40's now. I know Jean had 2 children. May worked as a seamstress and carried out wedding dress alterations for a shop in Glasgow, a magical memory for a child! She was also a fantastic knitter and made a lot of her children's clothes often knitting jumpers for myself and my sister Tracy. ( Kay my eldest sister & Tracy like me also carried the McMenamin name until our marriages)! May was very devout catholic and could cry at a picture of the pope! where as dad was very much not -A rather colourful lovable character with a gypsy heart and a roving eye!

My Uncle Joe was also married to a lady called Isabelle. they didn't have any children. Joe died around mid 90's. Uncle Tommy & Auntie Charlotte still live in Glasgow I think Tommy their son would be in his early 40's now.

I don't recall Edward during the family gatherings I attended in Glasgow and I thought the twins were Tommy & Joe? I can speak with my mom about any other bits to add, or indeed if I have got any details wrong from my childhood memory as I didn't really keep in contact as much with dad's family after his untimely death. I'd need to recheck bits with my mom as my memory is a little hazy on it!!

I remember mainly visiting dad's siblings around Xmas time and attending fantastic emotional family parties at Uncle Tommy's- they did karaoke before it was thought of! Dad, ever the joker would tease May although she did get him back by putting ice in his jacket pockets once only to be soaked by a bucket of cold water! I definitely have old photos of my dad & May,my dad & his dad and of course later pictures of dad when I was a child. I would be happy to email for you to use if you like?

It's been really nice to look through history you've gathered - thank you for that!

Kind Regards

Alex Bailey (McMenamin).

04/06/2011: Andrew McMenamin: Granddaughters 'R' Us
Was in Barnsley for a few days recently.  Rather than drive all the way back up the M1, agreed to head west and meet Mum and Dad for some dinner, a few beers, and then head back to Scotland the following morning.  My two sisters came to meet us too.  For the first time ever all eight granddaughters all present in the same place at the same time.  In the order they "arrived"; Katie, Charlotte, Bridie, Ruby, Hannah, Niamh, Molly and Alice. Have you ever tried to photgraph eight granddaughters aged 5 months to 22 years?   Nae chance!!!   Managed four!!!
Me, Ruby and Bridie Molly and Ruby Ruby and Bridie
Molly Ruby Bridie and Niamh Molly and Ruby Molly Ruby Bridie and Niamh

20/02/2010: Ian McMenamin: Fifty Years Old
Birthday Boy Cousin Ian is Andy Bell His Heart Beats Like a Drum Auntie Mary and Big Sister Annie Me
Birthday Boy Erasure Kelly Marie FFS Mary & Annie Me

IJ McMenamin is 50 years old.  To help celebrate, friends and family met at The Argosy on Paisley Road West.

I had to gate-crash because I never received an invite!  I believe they were like Navid's wedding invitations in Still Game but no-one can confirm this.  For those who don't know, before Ian became a professional raconteur he was Glasgow's finest postie.  He told me that if he still worked for the GPO I wouldn't have had to rely on my cousins to find out about the party.

There was a good turnout for Ian, especially given his pish-poor patter (and let's face it at 50 it's no' gonnae get any better).  In attendance, his daughter Michelle; his sister Carol Anne with her husband Michael (who came over to say hello) and Rachael and Matthew; his brother Paul and Nicola; his aunties Annie, Mary, Catherine and Arline (no bad hey); his cousins Arlene, Neil and "his burd" Marie, Me, and Andrew.  Also Joe and Christine McMenemy, who came over to say hello, I'd been in touch with them recently on facebook; and Joe's sister Lorraine Crawford, who is acknowledged several times on the website.

Anyway, party, I can't slag him off too much (John & Darren), but I have never been to a birthday party with two cakes, one for Ian and one for John, and only one birthday!!!  Made me smile.  Ian stepped onto the dance floor at about 9.45, Mrs Mac came to pick me up at 11.00 and I had to interrupt him mid-dance to say cheerio.  It was great to see a smile back on the wrinkly face.

Auntie Arline Cousin Arlene Auntie Annie Auntie Mary Cousin Neil and Auntie Catherine
Arline Arlene Annie Mary Neil & Cathy

13/02/2010: Niamh McMenamin: Meets Uncle Harry and Auntie May
Mrs Mac was visiting her friends in Glasgow on Saturday.  I decided to use the opportunity to go and visit family (again).  I went to see Auntie Annie a couple of weeks ago, I go to visit Auntie Mary and Auntie Arline regularly (well rarely, I'm rubbish at visiting ask Maureen McGowan, but regularly for me).  So, do I go to Renfrew to visit Uncle Harry and Auntie May, or up the Drum' to visit Auntie Cathy.  It's not easy to decide!!!  At Uncle John's funeral I gave Uncle Harry a lift up to St. Convals, he asked me why I had sent a Christmas card "To Uncle Harry" with no reference to Auntie May at all.  I explained that Mrs Mac writes the cards, and I must have gave her a bum steer.  At no point did we think Auntie May had headed "upstairs".  At Auntie Annie's she told me that Auntie Cathy was disappointed that I had sent a photograph of Niamh to everyone apart for her!!!  Again in bum steer country, my Dad this time.  After years in the Linkwood flats she had moved doon the hill.  I obviously sent it to the wrong address.  Niamh has met Auntie Cathy a couple of times, and I don't know the address, plus I have never given her cause to think that I thought she was dead.  To Renfrew I head. Uncle Harry and Niamh Isabella

 Auntie May

30/01/2010: Niamh McMenamin: Meets Auntie Annie
I've dropped Mrs Mac off in Alloa. She is having a Saturday afternoon soiree with some old friends from the Hillfoots.  How times have changed, I'm looking after Niamh.  What shall we do?  Last month at my Uncle John's funeral I had a chat with my big cousin Neil.  He was saying that he meets with some of our cousins (Ian, Paul and Andrew) before/after matches at Celtic Park, but the rest of his cousins, including me, he only ever sees at funerals.  Sad days, rather than Happy days.  Should I go and meet some of my cousins?  Naw, cannae be bothered wi' that.  I'll go to Kilbarchan and chap on his wee Mammy's door.  Took her a wee while to answer; I forget how old we are all getting; she was very happy to see us both.  Niamh took a shine to her immediately.  I didn't have my camera, so no pictures.  I promised that I would visit again, and next time I would give notice, but where is the fun in that!!!

12/01/2010: Sandra Olah: News From America

John and Mary
Civil Marriage Register
Castlederg 1864





Birth Register
Castlederg 1869

Elizabeth Ross
(nee McMillan)
Birth Register
Gorbals 1877















James Alexander
Birth Register
Govan 1908

Mary Fanny
(or Molly)
Birth Register
Partick 1911



Death Register
Dunoon 1922


MCMENAMIN GENEALOGY UPDATE (from Sandra Olah 12/01/10)

Under your heading First Generation and again under Second Generation:

John McMenamin’s marriage to Mary McMenamin was 21 November 1864. I have a photocopy of the record (attached). You had a Civil Marriage Record for them, which is much easier to read! When we went to Ireland, we went to Castlederg and took pictures of the church (Parish of Termonamongan) and also some in the church cemetery.

On a microfilm I found a record of a female named Jeremy born 23 April 1865 in Castlefinn, County Donegal, Ireland to a John and Mary McMenamin.  I do not know if she is part of our family.

Under your heading Second Generation, John and second wife, Mary:

Hugh McMenamin was born on 23 January 1866 (I can’t locate my photocopy of record right now), his wife Mary McDaid and their daughter, Mary (born 1898 in Scotland) went to San Francisco, California.  According to the 1910 U.S. census, Mary McDaid McMenamin had four children but only the one daughter was still living.

James McMenamin (my grandfather) was born 9 January 1869 (photocopy of record attached) in Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.  He died in Dunoon, County Argyll, Scotland on 13 August 1921. Death record attached.

Under your heading Third Generation:

Elizabeth Ross McMillan (my grandmother) was born 22 January 1877 in Gorbals, Glasgow.  I have her original birth record! ---attached.  You have her marriage record to James McMenamin (I have the original!)   I have a copy of the marriage record of Elizabeth’s parents Duncan McMillan and Elizabeth Ross.  Let me know if you would like to have it.  I also have this Elizabeth’s death record; if you want it, let me know.  She was born in Ireland but I never checked there because I had assumed she was born in Scotland.  I have it on my list to check at the Family History Center for Ireland birth information for her (in my spare time!).  Elizabeth Ross McMillan McMenamin died 8 January 1935 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, U.S., and she is buried in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  I do not have her death certificate but am going to try to get it.  Later on is the story about the family coming to Canada and the United States.

Following is additional information on the six children you already have in your family tree Third Generation for James and Elizabeth (my grandparents):

John James McMenamin died in March 1960 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Duncan William McMillan McMenamin died 7 May 1952 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, U.S.

Hugh (no middle name) McMenamin died 3 December 1986 in Troy, Oakland County, Michigan, U.S.

Elizabeth Ross McMillan McMenamin died 14 October 1985 in Miami, Florida, U.S.

Catherine Edgar McMenamin died 20 October 1975 in Madison Heights, Oakland County, Michigan, U.S.  You asked about the name Edgar.  In 1897, William, one of the brothers of Elizabeth Ross McMillan, married Catherine Edgar (she was born in 1869).   It is assumed that is who the 1903 Catherine was named after.  Also, you list two children named Catherine born to John and Mary in1888 and 1891, which could be where the Catherine came from.   Who were the Edgars you mentioned at 31 Helen Street?  I know the 1869 Catherine’s parents’ names if you want to know what they are to see if they are the same people.

Christina McMillan McMenamin died 24 February 1994 in Clinton Township, Macomb County, Michigan, U.S.

There were three more children born after Christina:

James Alexander McMenamin was born on 29 July 1908 at 38 Fairfield Street in Govan.  I have his original birth record and it is attached.  He ran away in 1925 at the age of 17 (in Ontario, Canada) and the family has not heard from him since.  My grandmother even hired a detective to find him, but James could have changed his name. 

Mary Fanny McMenamin (my mom) was born 10 June 1911 at 7 Walker Street in the District of Partick, Glasgow.  She was called Molly.  A copy of her original birth record is attached.  She died on 30 June 1997 in Taylor, Wayne County, Michigan, U.S.

Martin Ross McMenamin was born 11 Nov 1914 in the District of Partick (cannot access record online---no image available).  Martin died 3 January 1972 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, U.S.

Do you want a list of the marriages and the children of each of the above?  If so, I can get it together for you.

Here are the details of my grandmother coming to Canada:

My grandmother had two brothers, William and Duncan McMillan (two girls died young).  Duncan was a postman in Dunoon and did not leave Scotland as far as I know.  William (mentioned briefly under Catherine Edgar McMenamin above) brought his family to Quebec, Canada around 1912.  After my grandfather, James, died in 1921, William insisted that his sister come to be with him and his family in Canada.   She agreed only if all of her children would leave Scotland too.  Her oldest son, John James, was married and had a child, but agreed to go to Canada.  That family actually came to Canada in 1928.  Also, my Uncle Duncan (born 1898), went in the military to India and came to Canada in a later year.

The rest of the family left Scotland in May of 1922 on the SS Metagama and went to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  William bought a farm near Barrie, Ontario and they all lived there for a while.  Then William decided to move back to Quebec with his family.  (Note:  Recently I discovered and talked to a descendant of William’s family who lives in Ontario and she gave me a lot of information on his family and I clarified or confirmed some information for her.)  Elizabeth and her children moved into the city of Barrie.  Because of job availability, they moved to Toronto and in 1926 they moved to Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Gradually each one moved to Detroit, Michigan, U.S. except for my mother and grandmother who stayed in Windsor. John James McMenamin and his family came to Windsor when they first arrived but moved to Toronto where they stayed.  I believe my Uncle Martin was in the military and also lived in Canada.

In 1935 while my grandmother was visiting the family in Detroit, she took ill and died.  My mother’s brothers and sisters insisted she leave Windsor and come to live in Detroit to be near them and so she did.

Recently I talked to the only surviving child of John James McMenamin.  Her name is Margaret, she is 86 years old, married, and still lives near Toronto.  She gave me information about her sibling’s children.  Most of them still live in Canada.  Some of the descendants of that family legally spell their name MacMenamin.

Briefly about me:  I was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1941, am married to Daniel J. Olah since 1965, have two grown children (one married, one single) and two grandchildren, ages 10 and 13.

07/01/2010: John McMenamin: Huge Turnout for Funeral Mass

05/01/2010: John McMenamin: Published in Today's Evening Times
McMENAMIN — JOHN. Peacefully, on 17th December, 2009, at Churchill Hospital, Oxford, John (formerly of Cardonald Dr), loving husband, father, papa and brother, much loved and always in our thoughts. Receiving into Our Lady and St George’s R.C. Church, on Wednesday, 6th January, 2010 at 6.30pm. Funeral service on Thursday at 9.30am, thereafter to St Conval’s Cemetery, arriving at 10.30am. `

17/12/2009: John McMenamin: Sad News
A very good friend passed away today, John McMenamin, my Dad's eldest brother.  I am very proud to say that my uncle John was my sponsor at my confirmation in 1976.  He was a man who enjoyed a house party, and was a fair chanter.  I'm told he was a great centre half, but was more keen on his young family than trying to make the grade. He talked a good game too; every season he used to say that the current Celtic team was garbage, even worse than the garbage the year before, but when the crunch came was Celtic daft.  In football and life was scared o' naeb'dy, even in his late sixties and early seventies would put people in their place when they stepped out of line (for instance giving bus drivers a hard time when they tried to charge we wimmin full fare when they had forgotten their bus pass).  A true gent.  Will miss him.

11/09/2009: John McMenamin: Certificate of Marriage
A great day, found evidence of John and Mary McMenamin's marriage in 1864.  My great great grandparents who left Ireland for Scotland, married in Aghyaran co. Tyrone.
John and Mary
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09/05/2009: Ruby Collins: First Holy Communion

My niece Ruby Collins will be making her First Holy Communion.  To celebrate the event I have published some comedy photographs.  From left-to-right Me, then Me (on front page of Cumbernauld News) in 1973, my sister Mandy in 1974, my sister Catherine in 1975 then all three (Mandy and I in the choir!!!).

02/11/2008: Niamh McMenamin: Baptism

My daughter Niamh Isabella will be Baptised at 2.30 p.m. on 09 November 2008 at St. Joseph's Bonnybridge followed by small reception at Bonnybridge Golf Club from 3 p.m. until6 p.m.  Aunties and Uncles invited already, but everyone welcome.

27/08/2008: Andrew McMenamin: New Generation
Alot happened since my last update in November.  My Mum and Dad are being overrun with weans.  They have two new granddaughters and a great-grandson (a new generation of McMenamin's).
Hannah Niamh Isabella Lewis John
Granddaughter Hannah Granddaughter Niamh Great Grandson Lewis

08/01/2007: JDMcMenamin: A New Year and New Certificates Released
With the turn of the year more certificates have become available.  In 1906 Hughie McMenamin, my Grandpa's younger brother was born.  In 1906 James, my Great Grandpa's brother, and Elizabeth had a sixth child Christina McMillan McMenamin.  In 1931 Eddie McMenamin, my Grandpa's older brother, married Jeanie Galt Robertson.  And BTW Maureen 42!!!

21/11/2006: David Boyce: Marriage
Thank you Mark Boyce, you will always be the first person to submit Family News to our Website!!!

David Boyce, son of Florence (McMenemy) Boyce gets married on Friday 24 November 2006 to Elaine Brown.

Good Luck from all the "family".

26/06/2006: Lorraine McMenemy: McMenemy.org
Lorraine Crawford made contact with me after spotting my research request on McMenemy.org.  She wrote:

My name is Lorraine McMenemy, and I am currently researching my family tree.  My dad is Edward McMenemy, son of Joseph McMenemy, who was the younger brother of your grandfather John McMenamin – I think !!!  I have only just started doing the family tree, and had got back as far as Edward McMenamin and Annie Laverty – I have got more info now from you – I am really grateful, thank you.  How long have you been doing this??? I plan on spending quite a bit of time on it and if I can be of any help please let me know,  or if I  get any more information I will pass it on to you. I am hoping to visit the Dublin records office in the near future to see if I can get any further with it.

31/03/2006: Anne McMenamin: GenesReunited
Made contact with Anne McMenamin from Blackpool after spotting a new name in Blackpool and a new James McMenamin in Glasgow on genesreunited . Anne is James McMenamin's daughter.  James is my Great Uncle (my Grandpa's younger brother).

09/01/2006: JDMcMenamin.com: Request
No News is Good News (Maybe Not). Let me know of any upcoming McMenamin events.

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